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1) Please fill your details correctly as you will receive your certificate based on the details you fill in.
2) Give the quiz answers honestly without copying as it will give you a precise indication on how much you know about the particular subject.
3) If you solve any quiz which you didn't paid for then you won't receive any certificate although you can try the quiz if you want for fun.
4) If you paid for 2 separate quiz then you will receive 2 separate certificates
5) You will receive your certificates in your mail so enter your mail id properly or else you won't receive your certificate.
6) The quiz consists of 25 questions with 4 marks each and all the questions are compulsory.
7) There are no negative markings so you can try your luck as well.

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If you find any issue in the quiz you can contact us through gmail: adysantech@gmail.com
The questions in the quiz range from beginners level to advance to test your skill.
Your mails are safe with us, we won't spam you or send any unnecessary emails to you. It will be only used for sending you your certificates. ALL THE BEST FOR THE QUIZ !!

Online Quiz Registration

If you have already registered for the competition above and paid the quiz fees, then you can start your quiz competition by choosing your subject below !!

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